Node.Js Certification Training

Node.js Certification Training

Our Node.js Certification Training helps you develop applications using Express and deploying them to Heroku. Learn how to use EJS/Jade/Handlebars, build applications backed by MongoDB, write realtime chat application using Socket IO, Gain knowledge of Grunt and Gulp, test with Mocha and Chai, knowing Hapi and Meteor.

Node.js an Indispensable Tool for Modern Web Development - Gartner.

IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, GoDaddy, Groupon, Netflix, PayPal, SAP have Adopted NodeJS -

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Node Js UpComing Batches

May-19 - Jun-30


Timings: 07:00 AM To 10:00 AM (IST)

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May-25 - Jul-06


Timings: 07:00 AM To 10:00 AM (IST)

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Jun-15 - Jul-27


Timings: 20:30 PM To 23:30 PM (IST)

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Be future ready. Start learning
Structure your learning and get a certificate to prove it.
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Course Curriculum

Node.js Certification Training


OL Tech Edu's Node.js Certification Training helps you to learn how to develop scalable web applications using Express Framework and deploy them using Nginx. You will learn how to build applications backed by MongoDB and gain in-depth knowledge of REST APIs, implement testing, build applications using microservices architecture and write a real-time chat application using Socket IO.

  • WEEK 5-6
  • 10 Modules
  • 6 Hours
Node.js Certification Training Helps You To Learn

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn what is Node.js and what makes Node.js so popular. You will also learn how to use Node Package Manager (NPM) and Nodemon. 

  • What is Node.js?
  • Why Node.js?
  • Installing NodeJS.
  • Node in-Built Packages (buffer, fs, http, os, path, util, url).
  • Node.js Modules.
  • Import your own Package.
  • Node Package Manager (NPM).
  • Local and Global Packages.
  • Push Code to GitHub.
Hands On:
  • Installation of Node.js and Visual Studio Code.
  • Installation of GIT and Push Codes to GIT Repository.

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to get user inputs via Command Line Arguments and store data using File system. You will also learn how to create the applications using Express Framework, whereas manage and deploy them using PM2 and Nginx. 
  • Get Input from Users.
  • Pass Multiple Arguments with Yargs.
  • File System Module.
  • Operations Associated with File System Module.
  • JSON Data.
  • Http Server and Client.
  • Sending and Receiving Events with EventEmitters.
  • Express Framework.
  • Run a Web Server using Express Framework.
  • Routes.
  • Deploy Application using PM2 and Nginx.
Hands On:
  • Build an API using express, read file with FS module and deploy application using PM2 and Nginx.

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to develop asynchronous Node.js applications using Call stack, Callback queue and Event Loop mechanism. You will also gain knowledge on how to work with HTTP request, Promises and EJS templates. 

  • Call Stack.
  • Callbacks, Callback Queue and Event Loop.
  • Callback Abstraction.
  • Callback Chaining.
  • Promises.
  • Promise Chaining.
  • Request Package.
  • Customizing HTTP Requests.
  • Error Handing with Appropriate HTTP Codes.
  • Introduction to Template Engine (EJS).
Hands On:
  • Create A HTML Page Using EJS Template.
  • Create A Weather Application.

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to work with NoSQL Database – MongoDB. Also, you will learn how to send emails via Node.js application. 

  • Introduction to NoSQL Databases and MongoDB.
  • Installation of MongoDB on Windows.
  • Installation of Database GUI Viewer.
  • Inserting Documents.
  • Querying, Updating and Deleting Documents.
  • Connect MongoDB and Node.js Application.
  • Exploring SendGrid.
  • Sending Emails Through Node.js Application using Send Grid.
Hands On:
  • Installation of MongoDB and MongoDB Compass.
  • Connecting MongoDB And Node.js .
  • Sending Email Via Node.js Application Using SendGrid.

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to run queries via Node.js application along with some important aspects of Node.js like REST APIs, setting up Mongoose, Postman Installation and GraphQL. 

  • REST API in Express.
  • Postman.
  • MongoDB Driver API.
  • Express Router.
  • Mongoose API.
  • GraphQL.
  • GraphQL Playground.
Hands On:
  • Working Of Mongodb API.
  • Working With Mongoose API.
  • Working With GraphQL API.

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to write your application using ES6. Also, you will learn how to Design Dashboard and perform CRUD operations. 

  • ES6 variables.
  • Functions with ES6.
  • Import and Export withES6.
  • Async/Await.
  • Introduction to Babel.
  • Rest API with ES6.
  • Browsing HTTP Requests with Fetch.
  • Processing Query String.
  • Creating API using ES6.
  • Transpilation.
  • Building Dashboard API.
  • Creating Dashboard UI with EJS.
  • ES6 Aside: Default Function Parameters.
  • Data Validation and Sanitization.
Hands On:
  • Build a Dashboard Application Using ES6 Concepts.

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to secure your application by implementing API Authentication and User authentication using JSON Web Tokens (JWT). 

  • Authentication.
  • Types of Authentication.
  • Session Vs Tokens.
  • JSON Web Tokens.
  • Bcrypt.
  • Node Local Storage.
Hands On:
  • Build a Login Application.

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how Build Realtime Chat Application using Socket.IO. 

  • Web Sockets.
  • Web Sockets.
  • .
  • Broadcasting Events.
  • Sharing Your Location.
  • Event Acknowledgements.
  • Form and Button States.
  • Rendering Messages.
  • Working with Time and Timestamps for determining Location of Messages.
  • Storing Users.
  • Rendering User List.
  • Tracking Users Joining and Leaving.
  • Deploying the Chat Application.
  • Redis - Building API with Redis.
Hands On:
  • Creating a Realtime Chat Application using
  • Build an API using Redis.

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to test your Node.js applications using Mocha and Chai, along with some important testing concepts related to Node.js Application. 

  • Writing Tests and Assertions.
  • Testing Asynchronous Code.
  • Testing an Express Application.
  • Setup and Teardown.
  • Testing with Authentication.
  • Advanced Assertions.
  • Mocking Libraries.
  • Wrapping up User Tests.
  • Setup Task Test Suite.
  • Testing with Task Data.
Hands On:
  • Perform Testing with Mocha and Chai.

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to build a Node.js application based on Microservices architecture and also how to deploy them to Docker containers. 

  • Why Microservices?
  • What is Microservices?
  • Why Docker?
  • What is Docker?
  • Terminologies in Docker.
  • Child Processes.
  • Types of Child Process.
Hands On:
  • Microservices with Docker.
  • Working of Child Processes.

Program Syllabus


You can also view the program syllabus by downloading this program Curriculum.


What are the system requirements for this course?

Any computer system with atleast 4GB of RAM and a decent HDD will do with the latest Windows, Linux or Mac OS. OL Tech Edu will help you setup the required software. You will need the Brackets IDE in order to code JS. You will also need the Node.js, MongoDB and Redis Installers to be downloaded. All the required softwares are open source.

How will I execute the practicals?

To execute the practicals you will require environment for Node.js and MongoDB. The detailed step by step installation guides will be present in your LMS which will help you to install and set-up the required environment. In case you come across any doubt

Course Description

Course Certification

OL Tech Edu’s Certificate Holders work at top 500s of companies like



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Instructor-led Sessions

30 Hours of Online Live Instructor-Led Classes.
Weekend Class : 10 sessions of 3 hours each.

Real Life Case Studies

Real-life Case Studies

Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving implementation of the various real life solutions / services.



Each class will be followed by practical assignments.

24 x 7 Expert Support

24 x 7 Expert Support

We have 24x7 online support team to resolve all your technical queries, through ticket based tracking system, for the lifetime.



Towards the end of the course, OL Tech Edu certifies you for the course you had enrolled for based on the project you submit.

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