The Imperative to Improve Employee Engagement

As expectation for technical fluency increases – artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, cyber security and robotics - employees must continue to advance their interpersonal skills to thrive in this age of automation and digitization. Across industry and government, organizational leaders are recognizing the imperative for enterprise-wide retraining and reskilling of their workforce, augmenting technical skills with interpersonal skills that accelerate employee engagement, revitalize organizational agility and interpret the complexity of major technology integrations.

Five Critical Investments for Improved Employee Engagement.

Organizational leaders seeking to improve collaboration, accelerate organizational agility and foster a creative, problem-solving mindset, should consider the following initiatives :

  • Foster appreciation for a diverse and multi-generational workforce.
  • Stimulate employees’ Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
  • Develop opportunities and environments to advance critical thinking.
  • Enable communication strategies that quickly mitigate problems.
  • Prioritize employee commitment to delivering value to the customer.
  • Where to Start? Explore our Interpersonal Skills Training Framework to learn how to successfully achieve organizational agility.

Critical Investments For Improved EmployeeEngagement

Improving Employee Engagement and Organizational Agility

In today’s complex environment, organizational agility – the capability of an organization to renew and adapt in response to marketplace turbulence – can only be achieved when employee trust and employee collaboration are high. As employee trust increases, employee engagement improves. As employee engagement improves, organizational agility matures, and unified teams begin delivering value more consistently and effectively despite market pressures.

Here are Five Areas of Investment to Achieve Organizational Agility through Improved Employee Engagement:

Cultural Generational
Cultural, Generational and Gender Unity
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving Communication Strategies
Problem Solving Communication Strategies
Customer Centricity
Customer Centricity

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