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Central, State & Local Governments & Qualified Contractors Learning Tree is an expert at helping governments and agencies worldwide build workforce skills in the latest technologies, improving the quality, speed and efficiency of government services.

As a Leading Provider of IT Training to the Federal Government.

Learning Tree's mission is to provide government personnel with the knowledge, skills and solutions to achieve success within their department or agency, including:

  • Mandated Training.
  • Certification Requirements.
  • Security Strategies.
  • Customized Course and Curriculum Development.
  • New Technology Initiatives.
  • Process Implementations.
  • Skills Gap Analysis.
  • Private Team Training.
  • Expert Coaching.

Government Schedule Training Programs

Exclusive Government Tuition Savings

Employees of all federal, state and local governments, plus qualified government contractors, are entitled to receive flexible training options and government-exclusive savings from Learning Tree.

IT 70 Schedule

IT 70 Schedule

Contract GS-35F-369CA.

Professional Services Schedule

Professional Services Schedule

Contract GS-02F-0182Y.

Instructor Led(ILTS) Contract

Instructor Led(ILTS) Contract #DIR-TSO-4006

Deliverables-Based (DBITS) Contract #DIR-TSO 3940 .

Course Certification

OL Tech Edu’s Certificate Holders work at top 500s of companies like


Every Solution to Your Mission-Critical Needs

All our solutions embody the extensive experience we've gained from leading the training industry for 40+ years. Whether you're an individual who wants to gain new skills or an agency in a frenzy to complete a project, you can expect the best mission-critical solutions with Learning Tree.

Individual Training


Team Training

Team Training

IT Workforce Optimization Solutions Training

IT Workforce Optimization Solutions Training

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